Join Us to Invest in the Future 

PIQE is doubling down on efforts to expand support to our most vulnerable and language isolated families during and through COVID-19.

The crisis has furthered the impact of the digital divide and educational inequities. Most resources are found online. Our families are the farthest from accessing the vital resources and opportunities that can make a substantial difference to their health and well-being. PIQE is bridging communication between families, schools and communities by building parental knowledge of technology skills that will benefit them, their children and schools now and in the future.

Your donation will support our families connectivity during COVID-19 and help parents and schools transition to distance learning by providing one-on-one and group skills coaching and training so that parents can:

  • access interactive information via mobile, tablet or computers and navigate
  • naviatge mobile technology, SMS/text, web navigation, push notifications, social media, video conferencing, and school parent portals
  • take part in weekly video conferencing  to mitigate the impact of social isolation, create a sense of community, and provide a venue for principals, teachers, and topic experts to attend as guest speakers
  • receive continual one-on-one follow up and translation of materials into their native language.

Since March 24, PIQE has reached 6,535 CA families. More than 1,000 parents are attending weekly virtual parent engagement workshops with PIQE and school partners.



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